Eastern Uniforms Inc.
Owner/CEO Woo S. Jea

Uniforms are the first impression! 

When I walk into a restaurant, the first thing I notice is the uniform. Uniforms are an important indication of the readiness of a restaurant and its employees to greet and serve customers – it shows attention to detail. However, too often, restaurateurs spend thousands of dollars on the interior yet undercut their credibility with the presentation of their most valuable asset – people.  Managers unwisely underestimate the value of good, well-fitting, clean uniforms and consider uniforms a mere accessory. Uniforms are part of the service itself. It shows the professionalism and originality of your restaurant, and it completes the interior aesthetic.

The food service industry is as competitive as ever.  The number of diverse restaurants catering to different modern life styles and tastes continue to proliferate.  The need to differentiating through important details like uniforms is more urgent than ever. Despite the need, there is a lack of quality uniform suppliers for Asian concept restaurants. That is why we are here... We provide high quality uniforms at reasonable prices. All our products are made in Korea, and the craftsmanship and materials used are of the highest quality. Our designs are simple yet unique and they work as hard as you and your employees do. Try our uniforms, and experience how you and your employees can serve your customers with enhanced pride and comfort!

Thank you,
Woo S. Jea

Eastern Uniforms Inc.